Thank you for your interest in one of our rental units.

Here’s What You Need to Apply



Once all requirements are met BRIGS will check your references and run a credit report. Decisions on rental applications are generally made within one business day.

Upon acceptance you are required to schedule a lease signing within 2 weeks and interview with the property manager to be done at our office. Also if you intend to take occupancy of a unit within 30 days of acceptance all monies, including deposit must be in the form of a money order and your lease signing will need to occur sooner than 2 weeks depending on how close it is to the lease start date.

For additional questions, please call our office at 617-536-4900.

If You Are Accepted

Standard Form Apartment Lease

BRIGS uses the Standard Form Apartment Lease for all its properties as well as a Lease Addendum. Please read both forms to familiarize yourself with the documents you will be signing before you take occupancy of your unit. Apartments that you rent through BRIGS but that are managed by another company may have additional requirements. If this is the case, your agent will be able to inform you of what they require.

Moving In

To help you get set up in your new apartment, here are some helpful numbers for setting up utilities, telephone, etc…

Upon receiving the keys to your apartment you will receive an Apartment Condition statement. The apartment condition statement is a chance for you to inspect the entire apartment and note any existing conditions. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, if there is a defect you want to make sure that you note it so that when you move out at the end of your lease you are not charged for something you did not do. For example, an existing stain in the carpet. Secondly, if there is something broken such as a light fixture, it will alert us that it needs to be repaired. There is a good chance we will already know the condition of the apartment but it is still very important to note it in this form. The form must be returned to our office within 15 days of you receiving the keys to your apartment.


If your lease begins September 1st, please be sure to carefully read our September 1st Guidelines. Alot of your questions will be answered.

When You are Leaving

Moving Out

Prior to vacating one of BRIGS managed units it is important that you read and comply with our Procedures for Moving Out.

Security Deposit

At the end of your lease it is important to complete and return to BRIGS a Security Deposit Forwarding Address Form when you drop off the keys to your apartment. Your security deposit will be mailed out within 30 days after the official termination of your lease. Please do not call our office asking if your security deposit has been mailed out if it is within the first 30 days of the end of your lease.

Lease Break

BRIGS does not encourage its tenants to break their lease, however we understand that there are situations such as relocating for a new job that create the need for a tenant to move. If you do want to break your lease you need to send a letter to BRIGS informing us of your intention. There is an early termination fee of 1/2 month’s rent in addition to the rental commission and any other damages associated with the re-rental of your apartment. Additionally, you are also responsible for the full rent until the official end of your lease or until the apartment is re-rented. Please see the Addendum, section 19.f for all the details.

List of Forms