For over 35 years, BRIGS has been successfully providing property management services to owners of income producing properties that is both cost efficient and of superior quality. As with all of the services that we provide it is our goal to satisfy our investors by positioning their properties so that they can realizes the greatest possible returns within the changing markets from year to year.

At BRIGS we have the capacity to provide you with management and a full range of management related services. Having the ability to do everything under one roof helps us to keep our costs down and ultimately your costs down which ultimately will effect your bottom line. We also provide long term planning so you know what large expenses you should expect in the next year, five years and beyond. We do not want you to be surprised when the time comes to have your roof or boiler replaced.

Over the years we have built very strong working relationships with an extensive list vendors in all fields and trades. And while we can do a great deal of the work on your property with our in house staff, when it comes to large capital projects we will put jobs out to bid to ensure you are getting the best quality job for the best price. We don’t shop just price, we shop quality and we don’t use vendors whom we don’t have confidence will do the work that is up to our high standards.

The majority of our management relationships that were started at the Company’s founding and are still in existence today because we have been able to either meet or exceed our clients expectations.


At BRIGS, Senior Management and all property managers are informed of relevant aspects of each and every property. Senior management is available at all times to meet or consult with owners of managed properties to discuss current operations, plans for the future or problem situations that may arise from time to time. We are always available during business hours to speak with you either on the phone or in person in our office or at the property.

All property managers are knowledgeable as to the general operations of each property and are available as back up in cases of emergency. Management and maintenance personnel are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to respond quickly and efficiently to any type of emergency.

Standard Services

  • BRIGS will provide all services including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Meet or speak with the Owner on a periodic basis.
  • Provide long-range fiscal and capital planning options and analyze the cash management requirements.
  • Prepare annual operating and capital budgets for submission to and approval by the Owner.
  • Provide monthly reports to the Owner.
  • Maintain complete tenant, vendor, insurance, accounting and legal records.
  • Perform all routine accounting functions including accounts receivable, accounts payable, Security Deposit accounts, interest payments, etc.
  • Establish rents and rental policies on an annual basis within the Owner’s guidelines.
  • Promote and lease vacant units in conjunction with area rental offices.
  • Monitor, update and renew and/or cancel all leases.
  • Collect rent and all sundry income, pursue delinquent accounts, and initiate legal proceedings when necessary for collections.
  • Supervise and control purchasing of supplies and equipment taking advantage of GBP’s purchasing power.
  • Assist in the analysis of capital improvement projects, bid solicitation and project supervision.
  • Supervise and coordinate comprehensive programs for all property maintenance, repair, and replacement operations.
  • Supervise employees and subcontractors; set up and enforce work schedules and standards; and hire and fire employees and subcontractors as necessary.
  • Analyze energy usage and recommend conservation methods.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency coverage by maintenance and management personnel.
  • Establish and enforce rules and regulations for the property.

Management Services

Management services are provided by a full time team of trained professionals. Members of this team include the President, Vice President of Operations, Controller, Director of Acquisitions, Portfolio Managers, Maintenance Director, Maintenance Coordinator, 24-hour on-call services, a full-time professional accounting department and well trained administrative support staff.

Through our philosophy of making each resident feel valued, we provide a harmonious living environment that proves to not only maintain property value but increase it through our proactive approach to property management. We will work with you to develop a long range plan for your property that can be executed and completed on a regular basis. The plan includes sufficient routine maintenance and planning for future capital needs to avoid deferred maintenance that in the end, if not addressed, can cause financial stress.

Financial Reporting

When a management company is hired a great deal of confidence is entrusted in them to handle the financial affairs of the property. It is crucial to the Management/Owner relationship that the financial reports are detailed and easy to understand. BRIGS employs a full time Controller to oversee the accounting department and sends statements on a monthly basis to all our Owners to keep them informed of the property’s receipts, expenditures, and overall financial condition.

The general financial package that is mailed to our Owners each month includes, but is not limited to, the following reports:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income Statement
  3. Accounts Receivable
  4. Payable Summaries
  5. Check Register
  6. General Ledger

Year End Reporting

BRIGS uses a Certified Public Accounting firm to prepare required year-end tax filings and to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Information Technology Systems

BRIGS utilizes industry specific software technology products that allows BRIGS to incorporate all aspects of managing your Property including accounting, property management and maintenance and facilities management within one system. The benefit of having everything in one system allows for greater efficiency and access to information.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the most important aspect of the overall maintenance program. At the onset of the management contract a preventative maintenance program will be developed, monitored and updated on a regular basis. The program will include all the assets of the property including boilers, HVAC, building envelope, emergency systems, equipment and all other common areas.

Supervision of Staff

BRIGS Property Managers attend training through the RHA, through course work, seminars and in-services to be sure that they are providing the most effective direction and the best possible service to our owners. Property Managers are trained to conduct regular property inspections and make recommendations to our owners.

Communication with Tenants

At BRIGS we believe that communication is the key to harmonious living. Through newsletters and memorandums, emails and other forms of correspondence, our Property Managers make every effort to keep all your tenants informed of any projects or work going on at the property.

24 Hour Emergency Response Service

BRIGS provides 24-hour access for emergencies at 617-536-4900. This emergency response service is provided for and vital to minimizing occupant disruption and physical damage, and enables the building to be restored to normal operation with the least amount of disturbance. During the day our office staff will answer calls from Tenants and after hours calls are answered by a live person who delivers the call to our maintenance staff. Having a live person to speak with after hours not only provides a sense of comfort to the tenant but is also allows the the answering service to determine if a call is truly an emergency; sending out maintenance staff after hours for non-emergencies can be costly.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance requests are taken by our trained office staff during regular business hours and 24 hours either by leaving a message on our general maintenance request line at 617-536-4900 or through our on-line maintenance request form. Tenant requests are communicated to the property manager or maintenance supervisor and regular maintenance calls are handled within 24-48 hours. In the event a contractor is needed your Property Manager will oversee that competitive bids are always provided so that an informed decision can be made to avoid budgetary variances that over time can cause deficits.