AV-Stock-Photo-Financial-ServicesMaintaining complete, accurate, and timely association and investor financials is a necessary tool that allows Trustees of Condominium Associations and Investors of Apartment Buildings to make well informed decisions. We produce all the necessary financial information you will need on a monthly basis to make sound financial decisions.

When a management company is hired a great deal of confidence is entrusted in them to handle the financial affairs of the property. It is crucial to the Management/Trustee and Management/Investor relationship that the financial reports are detailed and easy to understand. BRIGS employs a full time Controller to oversee the accounting department and sends statements on a monthly basis to our Trustees and Investors to keep them informed of the property’s receipts, expenditures, and overall financial condition.

From developing Pro-Forma operating budgets to reserve funding, our firm has the resources to protect and maintain the financial health of your association and assets. We work with our Trustees and with our Apartment Building Owners and Investors to develop a long range plan for their Property that can be executed and completed on a regular basis. The plan includes sufficient routine maintenance and planning for future capital needs to avoid deferred maintenance that in the end, if not addressed, can cause financial stress.