commlogo[1]Brigs, Inc. has successfully managed condominium associations, cooperatives and HOA’s in and around the greater Boston area for over 35 years. BRIGS has provided superior, cost efficient property management services to Condominium Associations,
Cooperatives and Homeowners Associations.

The Goal of BRIGS is realized by providing:

  • Personalized Service
  • Professionalism
  • Efficient Operations
  • Asset Management

BRIGS recognizes that effective condominium, cooperative and HOA management requires an intense level of commitment by an experienced, professional staff. Our Property Managers have had and continue to have extensive training and experience in all areas of property management. Add to this the experience of the accounting and maintenance personnel and it is obvious that the cumulative expertise of BRIGS provides a wealth of knowledge to meet the challenges encountered in condominium property management.

The goal of BRIGS in management is customer satisfaction. We believe that our client is not just the Trustees of the property but also the people who own or reside there as well. Therefore we must satisfy not only the trustees but also the residents if we are to meet our goal of complete customer satisfaction. Through consistent monitoring of the property, planning for the long term financial and maintenance needs of the property and encouraging resident participation, we are able to meet this objective.

At BRIGS, senior management and all property managers are informed of major aspects of each property. Senior management is available to meet with owners and trustees to discuss any concerns that may arise. Our approach is oriented towards the differing relationships that occur among all parties involved with a property.

Trustee/Management Relations

We provide detailed financial reports for each Client and submit these to the Trustees of the Association on a monthly basis. In addition to monthly reporting, our office will keep the Trustees advised of building matters, both verbally and through written correspondence. Your Property Manager is available to meet with the Trustees to discuss finances, records, capital planning and other management matters.

Management Services

Management services are provided by a full time team of trained professionals. Members of this team include the Managing Partners, President, Vice President of Operations, Controller, Portfolio Managers, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Coordinator, 24-hour on-call services, a full-time professional accounting department and well trained administrative support staff.

Through our philosophy of making each resident feel valued, we provide a harmonious living environment that proves to not only maintain property value but increase it through our proactive approach to property management. We will work with the Trustees to develop a long range plan for your Association that can be executed and completed on a regular basis. The plan includes sufficient routine maintenance and planning for future capital needs to avoid deferred maintenance that in the end, if not addressed, can cause financial stress through assessments. BRIGS works hard to avoid supplemental assessments of any kind and to keep normal fees at a minimum to enhance property value.

Financial Reporting

When a management company is hired a great deal of confidence is entrusted in them to handle the financial affairs of the property. It is crucial to the Management/Trustee relationship that the financial reports are detailed and easy to understand. BRIGS employs a full time Controller to oversee the accounting department and sends statements on a monthly basis to all Trustees to keep them informed of the property’s receipts, expenditures, and overall financial condition.

The general financial package that is mailed to the Trustees each month includes, but is not limited to, the following reports:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income Statement
  3. Accounts Receivable/Payable Summaries
  4. Check Register
  5. Budget Variance Report
  6. Previous Year Comparison Report
  7. Bank Statements
  8. Manager/Controller Comments
  9. Copies of Invoices


When taking on a new management contract and at the end of each fiscal year, a draft budget is prepared based on historic, present, and proposed expenditures. The draft budget is then submitted to the Trustees for final approval. The budget is the most important tool in planning for the future and is used as the guide by which the property is fiscally operated and managed.

Year End Reporting

BRIGS uses a Certified Public Accounting firm to prepare required year-end tax filings and to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Information Technology Services

BRIGS utilizes industry specific software applications that incorporate all aspects of our company and your facility within one system. The complete integration of all these services allows BRIGS to streamline its operations and will tie every department together from Management to Maintenance to Accounting to our Association specific websites and allow on-line access Trustees and to Homeowners giving everyone real time financial and facilities information on the property.

Our goal is to not only provide the best possible reporting that we can but to ensure that Trustees have exceptional access to state of the art financial and facilities management like no other management company can offer. Our technology allows Trustees and Owners alike to get real time information at the click of their mouse, saving the time and effort of having to email or call BRIGS. You can make all types of requests on-line, access condominium documents, see your account balance, place a maintenance request and make payments. We want to make the everyday business of your Association easy to access.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the most important aspect of the overall maintenance program. At the onset of the management contract a preventative maintenance program will be developed, monitored and updated on a regular basis. The program will include all the assets of the property including boilers, HVAC, building envelope, emergency systems, equipment, fitness center and all other common areas.

Supervision of Staff

BRIGS Property Managers are members of and attend training at CAI (Community Associations Institute) and IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) to be sure that they are providing the most effective direction to the on-site staff. We also invite any on-site staff to our office on a regular basis for training and seminars on issues that will improve their performance and encourage proactive loss prevention at your Association.

Property Managers are trained to conduct regular property inspections and make recommendations to the staff.

BRIGS will confer with the Board of Trustees and evaluate the current staffing at your property. Every effort will be made to retain any employee that the board feels necessary to manage the facility.


At BRIGS we believe that communication is the key to a harmonious community. Our Property Managers achieve constant communications through newsletters, annual home owner meetings, phone calls, emails, written correspondence that allow members to stay abreast of board and committee meeting schedules, meeting minutes, and actions taken. With our communication programs, members can even participate in membership surveys and vote. All our Property Managers make every effort to keep all Trustees and home owners informed of the operations of the property.

Board meetings are facilitated by the Property Manager and attended from time to time by the President to ensure that access to senior management is always available. Coordination of these meetings through notices, preparation of agenda and minutes are functions that we handle to make the Trustees role simpler. Our job is to provide Trustees with all of the tools to make informed decisions, sound financial planning and enforcement of rules and regulations that in the end maintain and enhance property value.

If the members are informed of the issues facing their community and understand why the Board makes the decisions that it does, then they are more likely to support and comply with those community decisions. In addition, effective communication also allows Members to voice their comments, requests, concerns and ideas so that the Board can make its decisions based on the best interests of the entire membership.


Clear delineation of association responsibilities allows the association to optimize the use of Board, committee, and volunteer resources. Our management philosophy views the Board of Directors as the policy making body of the association. Our managers act as advisor to the Board when our expertise and experience can add value. We view our role as the Managing Agent for your community responsible for carrying out the directives of the Board. In this way the Board may delegate the day-to-day operations of the association to the manager such as:

  • Completing regular inspections of the property
  • Reporting violations of the Covenants, Rules and Regulations, and the Design Standards
  • Providing notice to homeowners whose property is out of compliance
  • Working with the homeowner to resolve the issue

24 Hour Emergency Response Service

BRIGS provides 24-hour access for emergencies at 617-536-4900. During regular hours our office staff will answer your calls and all after hours calls are answered by a live person who immediately delivers it to our on-call maintenance staff.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance requests are taken by our trained office staff during regular business hours and 24 hours a day with our on-line maintenance request form or by calling 617-536-4900 and leaving a message in our general mailbox. In the event a contractor is needed your Property Manager will oversee that competitive bids are always provided to the Trustees so that an informed decision can be made to avoid budgetary variances that over time can cause deficits.