All new Contractors, Suppliers, and Vendors will be required to complete and return a number of forms listed below before your firm can be considered an approved vendor and thus eligible for payment for goods and/or services performed. These forms include:

Please contact our office at 617-536-4900 or email us at to receive our form package.


If you are approved as a preferred vendor and you do perform work on one of BRIGS managed sites, all invoices for services provided at these sites must have the “bill to” as the name of the property, not BRIGS. Please see example below:

Name of Property or Property Address
P.O. Box 327, Dept. 16
Houston, TX 77001

Invoices with the “bill to” as BRIGS will prevent payment as it is the individual property actually paying the bill, not BRIGS.

BRIGS offers you TWO (2) ways to submit your invoice (but please only submit once).

  1. By Mail – as per the above.
  2. By Email –

List of Forms